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Emma G. View Profile
Emma G. View Profile Emma G. Amaroo, ACT Recently joined From $50/30min
Singing Lessons Hi, I’m Emma! I’m a professional singer and vocal coach living in Canberra the capital of Australia

I LOvE to coach and sing everything from Mary Poppins to Adele, Simon and Garfunkel to Bach, Backstreet Boys to Les Miserables. I coach vocals in the genres of celtic, pop, folk, classical and absolutely all things Disney (this goes for the guys too!)

Within the first one or two lessons you have with me, we’ll spend time getting to know each other, discovering your range and exploring your vocal tone. AND have fun doing all of that of course! Bring your fave song from ABBA, Moana, R.E.M or Bach to me and we can go from there! If you’re a member of a choir this is a fabulous place to fine tune your parts and work on harmonies!

Regular lessons start with a vocal warm up tailored to your individual song choice using exercises specific to your voice, and within the 30 minutes can usually work on one song in depth or look at two or three songs to sing through which can be super helpful in choosing genres and specific songs.

Lessons over the course of a few weeks will cover everything from learning the fundamentals of voice, good vocal health, extending vocal range, improving vocal tone, genre-appropriate treatment of the voice, musicality and musicianship (learning how to read music and understand the way music is written and composed).

If you’re an adult who’s looking to re-spark a passion or learn a new skill, have a child who doesn’t stop singing and you’d love it to be in tune (!) or perhaps an older member of a choir that would love to be stronger in their part I can’t wait to hear from you! I also work with advanced students for audition prep for shows plays and musicals, reach out to me wherever you’re at and I can’t wait to work with you!

Unless you’re a Canberra based student we will be conducting lessons via Zoom or an online platform, if you have a tablet or a laptop you’re ready to go! A speaker or second laptop/tablet you can play backing tracks with will be really helpful too! See you on the other side of the camera ☺️
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From $50/30min
Erin M. View Profile
Erin M. View Profile Erin M. St Kilda East, VIC


From $35/30min
Singing Lessons Welcome, you are taking the crucial step of seeking support on your singing journey. You might be well on your way with years of experience or completely new to singing. Erin Mannix Singing provides students with science based, tried and trusted training, taking your vocals to the next level. All ages and ability levels welcome. These singing lessons are tailored to suit the students needs. From the first lesson, I endeavor to learn how best you learn. Every individual is different, every voice is different. Every single person can learn to sing, it is how they approach their training that matters. I hope to open up a world of possibilites for your voice. You may be coming to singing lessons as you want to learn to sing just for a hobby or have aspirations about pursuing it professionally. Either way, the lessons provide real results in the pace in which you learn.

​In singing lessons you will be learning how to use your voice in a safe and effective way, together working to improve your vocal technique to make you an amazing performer. Erin Mannix Singing provides the opportunity to explore your voice and performance skills in a nurturing environment. These singing lessons are hands on and practical based (both online and in person). In order to gain the best results, we approach the voice holistically working through a variety of vocal exercises specifically curated to suit your needs as well as exploring repertoire you wish to work on.

I will help you learn to balance your entire voice out, creating seamless transitions. We will build you a killer supported belt, learning to safely project your voice. Want to learn how to create beautiful, soft sounds, we work on that too. I help to strengthen and extend your range. As well as all this, I wish to give my students the upper hand, being able to be flexible between genres. To achieve this you will learn how to control your tone, manipulating it to best suit your needs. You will learn to access all the different registers our voice has to offer. The possibilities are endless and I cant wait to work with you.

THIS IS YOUR LESSON, though I will guide you in teaching crucial parts of vocal technique and performance that are needed to sing well, if you would like certain aspects/concepts or repertoire explored this is your time.

The concepts worked on include; repertoire, vocal technique and exercises/warmups.


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Oliver H. View Profile
Oliver H. View Profile Oliver H. West End, QLD Recently joined From $40/30min
Singing Lessons My main focus and skillset in my professional career is Classical and Operatic singing, having been training extensively myself. That being said my foundation remains the same for all genres I sing and teach. I also have acting and stylistic training in other genres, as well as general skills to aid you in your singing/music learning/performance etiquette.

The lessons will be conducted depending on your level and age. This is important for me to get a sense of where you are at, what you need work on and how we can best achieve this together. Singing is a holistic and full body experience, which requires lots of awareness and training, in an enjoyable way of course!

I will always work to your level of comfort and development. Here is an example lesson plan for a 30min lesson:

1. Discussion of practise and awareness of development.

2. Physical warm-up: I conduct this with you in an easy, fun and safe way to get ourselves ready to sing.

3. Breathing warm-up: Breath-work and awareness of breath is a crucial part of successful, balanced and energised singing.

4. Vocal warm-up: Gentle vocalising, scales and arpeggios, and intonation training.

5. Further technical work or repertoire coaching (with technical work included) or anything specific such as audition preparation.

6. Warm down and discussion of what was learnt, what worked, and what we can work on moving forward.

With children from 7 to 12 we start by doing easy vocalise and start training the ear with intonation, we then have fun singing your favourite songs.

With teenagers I also start with some vocalises, a little more elaborate. Depending on the students capabilities we start establishing a comfortable range for them and then proceed to singing.

For my older students ideally I divide our lesson into 2 sections. We work on respiration and how the diaphragm works. We do scales and arpeggios and work on intonation. We then proceed to singing and putting into practice our technique. Some students might need more technique before they actually sing, I like to take things slowly and make sure the student feels confident and comfortable singing.

I teach children, teenagers and adults, from beginners to advanced. A classical training enables you to sing in any kind of way, so don’t hesitate and let’s sing!
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Jamie C. View Profile
Jamie C. View Profile Jamie C. Hindmarsh Valley, SA Recently joined From $35/30min
Singing Lessons I believe tailoring lessons to each students own goals will make for a sustainable and enjoyable music learning experience!
Let's work on the kind of music you'd like to play, and have this shape our lessons together.
The opportunity to learn a chordal instrument (piano and/or guitar) while developing vocal control, is not only helpful for understanding music theory , but also builds a well-rounded musician who can accompany themselves, and maybe even compose their own music! Not to mention, it's great fun to rock out to your favourite songs!

For very young musicians (2-5yo), lessons focus on developing musicality, noticing and interacting with rhythms and pitches, and developing fine motor-skills. We'll play some physical games to keep energetic little people engaged!
With primary school aged musicians, we will start to understand basic music theory and have some chosen pieces to work on across multiple weeks. We will start to dip our toes in composition and improvisation!
High school aged students start to choose their own adventures. We'll work within in the genres and artists loved by the student, to maintain motivation and engagement. Music theory will be applied to song examples that are relevant and practical. These students may have more of an idea about what skill set they'd like to develop (for example performance, expanding range, power or songwriting), in which case, I will create a personalised program to focus on this goal.
Adults - I haven't forgotten about you! Now is the perfect time to start. Let's have a trial lesson together.
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Why Lessons Australia?

  • Love your first two lessons or your money back!
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  • Teacher curation to ensure only quality teachers
  • Learn in-studio, in-home or online via webcam
  • Verified and trusted student reviews