luca l.

luca l.

Versatile Piano teacher, Classical, Jazz and Pop

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner

Solid foundation on music theory, piano technique and much more.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since 2020

  • Teaches: Males aged 15 to 65
    Females aged 10 to 65

Born and bred in Italy, I studied at Bari music conservatory, music theory and singing. I reached grade 5 intermediate classical piano studies and decided to advance my studies on piano at VCA (victorian college of the arts) in Jazz and Improvisation when I moved to Australia.
I have been teaching on and off for many years between travelling around the world and learning about different music styles. My approach to teaching is very disciplined and methodical taking into consideration the nature, age and personality of the student disregarding rigid style of teaching
I believe every student learns and progresses at different speed and understanding, I teach how to resolve technical difficulties and improve your musicality week by week.
You will see your progress month by month by recording yourself every week. My teaching methods have been exemplary and consistent and my students have made considerable progress.

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Student Feedback

Michael O. (Student)

I started lessons with Luca around 1995 and continued for 2-3 years .I was one of his first students . I had learnt classical piano as a child , but wanted to learn new genres.

Luca was a jazz pianist who was completing his degree at Victoria College of the Arts
He taught me so much about music theory and technique and opened me up to the world of jazz and blues . He taught me new chord formations and new musical styles. I am still playing piano today at a decent level thanks to him .

He taught in a relaxed joyous manner but was passionate , charismatic and inspiring all the time. He could explain things as simply or as complicated as I needed.

I highly recommend Luca as a piano teacher . He makes the whole experience enjoyable and is a great communicator
as well as having that “ Italian flair “

He revived my love for piano - and I have been waiting many years for the opportunity to resume with him . There is so much more to learn and improve on.

Dr Michael Olenski

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  • Piano
  • 04/06/24
  • Student's Home

Debra W. (Student)

I had lessons with Luca for about 12 months to learn about music theory and history. It was a very educational and always interesting and fun. I cherish the time we spent together learning about music and would not hesitate to recommend Luca to anyone young or old to learn with him.
Debra Wittner

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  • Music Theory
  • 05/06/24
  • Teacher's Location

Vivienne P. (Student)

Luca is a very attentive and supportive Piano teacher, who is also patient and well prepared for every lesson. He is friendly and inspires me to keep practicing to learn more and more. He plays beautifully and is clearly committed to sharing his talent and encourages his students to excel and achieve their goals. I look forward to every lesson with Luca and learn something new each time.

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  • Piano
  • 05/06/24
  • Student's Home