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Joshua G.
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Joshua Green
Rochedale South (19.3km)

Piano Lessons - My teaching ability would be suitable for absolute beginners to early intermediates (i.e. primary school level to early high school). For piano, it is key to start by introducing beginners to the foundations of sound technique (e.g. finger shaping) as well as the importance of tone that is developed in accordance with touch. With these foundations, students will be well placed to move onto playing songs.While I certainly believe in introducing students to their instrument and relevant techniques, my teacher instilled in me the understanding that I (the student) was the craftsman and artist of my instrument and he was simply a guide to help me along the way. Therefore, each students musical journey should be unique, and my goal as a teacher is to accelerate their progression to wherever they wish to go with their instrument, whether it be classical, jazz, or to develop and all-round technique that lends itself to any style. A typical lesson structure for a beginner- intermediate would generally involve a 10-20 minute block of technical work (depending on the student) based on scales, chord progressions etc., with the remainder devoted to applying this technical skill to pieces (also with relevant theory if the student wishes). I believe that no matter what the students level, I as the teacher have the responsibility to ensure students enjoy a positive relationship with their instrument, so that their practice is not a chore but rather becomes a favourite activity.

Bart S.
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Bart Seaton
East Brisbane (3km)

Piano Lessons - Bart is a patient and experienced teacher of piano accepting students from reading age upward. Material is carefully graded to allow for progress and encouragement for all students. Those of his students who have followed the AMEB (or ABRSM) piano exam series have received, on average, the Grade Award of A (Honours): "The candidate demonstrates an overall superior level of achievement in meeting the syllabus objectives in all Sections, in terms of musicianship, security of technique (including intonation, tone, phrasing, articulation, rhythm), and stylistic awareness" (from AMEB guidelines for exam criteria marking).Bart's students experience from their study of piano the rewards of increased confidence, dexterity and the two hand co-ordination and musical literacy which accelerate learning and influence positively the overall development of the person, as well as deriving artistic satisfaction in both meaningful practice and performance. Also fostered through piano lessons are those more elusive virtues of patience and perseverance currently missing from our modern mindset of instant acquisition! The old adage rings true, "That which grows slowly, endures".​All students, when ready, receive opportunities to participate in Masterclasses. ​​​Some students wish to learn within a less structured, exam-free environment, but receive equal attention given to building a solid technical foundation.

Zichxyna M.
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Zichxyna Mikol
The Gap (9.1km)

Piano Lessons - Have you been too scared as you think your too old, not musical enough, or just never had time? Our Creative Sounds Music Lessons may be exactly what you’re looking for! If you are looking to study piano as a hobby or leisure or see where it takes you, try out a lesson with Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Our focus is on Adults and Seniors and Teens, we do take kids 6 + as well teaching from beginner to grade 6 level. For online lessons the reccomend age is 10+. Our lessons aren’t focused on exams. Taking a new approach to learning, taking the stress out of exams is very helpful to build confidence and get you to a place where your comfortable with your playing. Teaching exams pieces is extremely useful to build techniques, learn to perform and enjoy to play but only focusing on the end goal of the exam and passing creates an unhealthy learning approach in the long run.We teach all styles from classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, blues you name it. We specialize in improvisation techniques and composition techniques, as well as interesting creative drills rather than just boring old scales. Our drills form the foundations to your playing and it will help you ‘get’ and ‘understand’ music and music theory.Our goal is to give you the skills to keep forever learning and improving your piano even years after lessons. If you are a beginner or have been playing a while and stuck in a rut, try out a lesson with us! Trail lesson is 50% off ! Please have a minimum mid size keyboard to learn on.

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