Macenzie F.

Macenzie F.

I am a teacher who ensures a balance between fun and success, but mostly fun.

Trumpet Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In terms of what students can expect to learn from me, they can expect to learn whatever skills necessary to allow them to develop at the level they are at. This can be from learning how to hold a trumpet properly, through to how to play with the same emotion as well known composers like Hummel and Haydn. Whatever the level, I can ensure I teach the required skills for optimum development and progress.

My most favourable teaching styles include explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition. I believe these forms of teaching provide the highest rate of success as they present a wide range of techniques for teaching, as well as allowing maintained attention and concentration throughout. Therefore, I feel there is much less chance of students getting bored doing one thing throughout the lesson.

The way I structure my sessions is dependent on the duration. Usually I would like to include lip flexing, scales and pieces in one session as a minimum. If there is extra time I also like to include sight reading (dependent on whether my students are working towards a graded exam or not). I can also tailor my lesson structure to meet the needs and requirements of my students.

I can also adapt to any of my students requirements and any subject areas in particular they would like to work on.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since August 2021

  • Teaches students aged 6 to 30

I have taught children how to play rugby for two years from the ages of 6-9 years old and I have always stuck by the belief that you cannot have meaningful success without enjoying what you are doing. I had an amazing trumpet teacher who was inspirational, knowledgeable and a professional in his field. He motivated me to continue playing the trumpet, no matter how hard it got at times and I would like to carry this form of teaching forward.

I successfully completed my ABRSM grade 8 cornet 1 year ago, as well as completing my grade 5 music theory a few months prior to this. I am self taught competent in playing the piano. I also studied music throughout secondary school and college, totalling 8 years of studying music.

As a teacher, I thrive to ensure enjoyment is the main priority and I stand by the idea that positive development and strong progress will come when enjoyment is highest. However, this does not deter from the fact I understand how important progress is when motivating people to want to continue learning, hence why I understand the balance between progress and enjoyment.

I am also happy to teach any age.

Please note: For face to face lessons, travel costs are incurred at $1 per Kilometer.

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