Juan Carlos A.

Juan Carlos A.

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Percussion Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

I teach all percussion instruments (such as conga, bongo, cajón, djembe, tambores batá (batá-drums), guiro, campana (cow bell), vibraphone (vibes) and other forms of symphonic percussion. Styles include AfroCuban, bossanova, samba, African, jazz, rock, blues, classical, son/salsa, chachacha and other Latin rhythms.

I start each lesson by reviewing previous concepts and skills, ensuring that the basis is strong before I introduce new material. This reinforcement helps my students feel confident and motivated to tackle more challenging musical concepts.

Throughout the lessons, I employ a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. Interactive activities, hands-on exercises, and creative projects are integrated into my classes to keep students actively engaged. I provide constructive feedback, encourage students to take risks and express themselves musically. By tailoring the instruction to the individual needs and interests of each student, I create a personalised and enriching learning experience.

I celebrate the achievements with each student, acknowledge their progress and growth. Progress certificates can be part of the approach. This positive reinforcement not only boosts the student's confidence but also reinforces the joy that music brings into their life.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since September 1990

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 7+

My name is Juan Carlos Allende and I hold a Master’s degree of Music at the highest level from the Cuban Conservatorium. My musical career as an teacher and performer in symphonic percussion as well as Afro-Cuban, Latin, jazz and other/contemporary percussion spans 5 continents and 30+ years. For a large part of this period, I have been teaching young people (e.g. within schools, through private classes and group workshops).

Since leaving Cuba for work, I have lived in Aruba, in the Netherlands and (since 5 years) in Australia. I have taught music (including to people with special needs) all over the world using my innovative "Drumming For Life" program, using percussion and other forms of music to enhance students' enthusiasm and ability to learn. I ensure that my students learn music in a structured way, using audio-visual prompts and memory tools.

I’ve worked together with larger groups of performers through classical orchestras, in the Conservatorium in Cuba as a professor, in the international show Havana Tropical Aruba (in the Caribbean), through the Playing for Change charity music programmes (in Australia, Tanzania and Kenya) and in other bands and orchestras globally, including Mixael Cabrera and Cubanismo.

I've performed in the Sydney International Women’s Jazz festival, have played my own written music as part of the Wemilere Jazz/Cuban Fusion Trio at the Johnston Street Jazz Festival (Sydney), performed for the Royal Family Awards in the Netherlands, supported the 3 times Grammy Award winning musician Jon Secada in Aruba, play regularly in Mucho Mambo and participate in Percussion Australia’s Common Time and Boom! Festival projects - to name a few initiatives.

I am dedicated, reliable and organised in my work and value quality over quantity. I speak 4 languages, have worked with children and adults from all cultural backgrounds, including through the HMC (Hunter Multicultural Communities) since 2021 delivering various performances and workshops.

I have a professional recording and teaching studio at home in Swansea, which includes over 30 percussion and other musical instruments as well as digital recording equipment, where I conduct onsite workshops/classes as well as online lessons. I'm regularly in Sydney for music projects and teach particularly northern suburbs, central Sydney as well as the Central Coast.

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Student Feedback

Susy C. (Student)

Juan Carlos is a wonderful teacher, very patient and dedicated with his teaching. He has been teaching my son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, since he was eight years old. He makes the online and in-person music classes very interactive and fun and his unique teaching method is very effective. My son has always looked forward to the percussion lessons and he has achieved real progress. I am very grateful for Juan Carlos' attention and for being generous with his time.

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  • Percussion
  • 22/01/24
  • Online

Boukje H. (Student)

JC is an excellent teacher and performer, and a reliable, authentic person. I loved learning from him and am continuing my percussion journey!

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  • Percussion
  • 26/01/24
  • Online

Michele S. (Student)

Juan Carlos is an excellent percussionist with global experience. He was taught in Cuba and has played all over the world with amazing bands. He helped me improve my skills in playing conga and bongo, both online as well as at his location. I loved his joy and the lessons, I progressed very quickly as his methodology is structured and logical. Juan also invited me to jam with other musicians as part of a public performance, which was super fun and useful. I recommend him as a teacher and performer!

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  • Percussion
  • 03/02/24
  • Teacher's Location