James C.

James C.

Passionate about teaching and getting you playing from the get go!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

I teach a range of music for beginners. I will usually start with some very basic chords and strum patterns to popular songs and get them making sounds and playing all the chords to a song from an early stage. Once they can make some clear sounds and progress we can move on to finger picking styles. Once first position chords are understood we can move on to bar chords and from there I like to start teaching scales and get the students trying to play some leads and basic solos as their skills improve. I like to follow some of the teachings in Hal Leonards Guitar Method as a basic guide as it has some very important and useful tips that the student can take home and take new information within their own time outside the lesson.

I will always set some practice goals between lessons and am always eager to see how far the student has come on their own in that time. These will consist of content covered in the lesson and some new content that the student can bring back to the lesson that they can learn and practise in their own time. I find this to be a great motivation builder as it has the student learning small amounts of new content on their own and connecting some of the dots without the teachers constant guidance.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since 2014

  • Teaches students aged 5+

I started playing music at a young age and fell in love with the constant ability to create that was only limited by my imagination and ability to play. This made me want to learn and get better at what I was doing; to hone and enhance my skills to one day become a performer. Bringing the love of music as a performer and teacher is a beautiful experience that everyone should have access to. Whether you are just beginning your journey into music or wanting to learn specific skills to get to a level to perform and showcase your talent in performance I can help you on that journey. I do not have an education in music, I was self taught as a performer and now use my skills to help others get to where they want to be with their instrument. I teach acoustic and electric guitar; my main style is blues and rock. I am also a vocalist and believe that learning to utilize your voice as an instrument at the same time as your guitar is a skill that can take you as far as you want to go with music.

I have been playing guitar, singing, performing, teaching and touring for the last 10 years.

From beginners to intermediate I believe that the best approach to learning is to actually start playing and learning as many songs as possible. I put less emphasis on the theory of music (some theory is essential) because I find for beginners this is a very confusing start and can put some people off. The joy of learning a song and being able to strum a few chords in succession is a much stronger confidence building tool than being able to read and memorize chords/charts from the get go.

I enjoy seeing my students grow and build their skills based on very practical lessons focused primarily on technique and making clear sounds with their guitars from the beginning. As soon as they have a clear sounding chord they have a huge boost in confidence and motivation to move on to creating another great sounding chord or note and from this we build up to wherever the student wishes to take it.

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Student Feedback

Isabela A. (Student)

I have tried to learn to play guitar so many times before, since I was 13 years old living in Brazil, it was difficult to keep motivated with all the boring songs and methods that I was used to. BUT James made it happen. He is really patience, make me motivated to learn more.

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  • Acoustic Guitar
  • 11/04/23
  • Student's Home