Matt L.

Matt L.

Industry Professional and Qualified Teacher

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Hey there! Can I make a CRAZY CLAIM that you can hold me to? And If it doesn't hold true, I'll QUIT TEACHING here. Woah. Really. See, I'm betting that no matter what you want from this incredible instrument, I've either done it myself or helped someone else do it through insight (and contacts) you'd only get from a current industry pro, taught in a way you'd only get from a fully qualified educator. So here's my CRAZY CLAIM that I'll quit over:

I know how to achieve all your piano goals. No matter what they are.
(Look, within reason, I can't help you play on Mars. The Opera House though...)

Whether you're trying to WOW Booking Agents (I might know them), Record Labels (I might have produced for them), Fans and Audiences (I can get you those), Examiners and Auditioners (might have been me) Friends and Family (I hope to be one!) or even just YOURSELF...

If you do everything I say, and you DON'T ace your audition, demo, exam, performance, the pieces of your dreams... I WILL straight up quit teaching here. That's how confident I am, not just in me, but in YOU! That's my crazy claim. Many have put it to the test, none have failed.

And if you DON'T do everything I say... well, nothing really. We still have a great time.
I get that life is crazy, you're paying me, I work for you, I'm not your boss. I won't get impatient if you can't practise as much as we'd like. Or even at all. I'VE BEEN THERE. Oh hang on...

Maybe that's not what you wanted to hear, maybe you're looking for a drill sergeant or personal trainer to yell at you. Or at your rebellious child. I can do that too (though not without a smile on my face, I can't lose that sorry) but I do hold to the philosophy that INTEREST is KING. If you're interested, you'll practise more. You'll practise better. You'll pick things up faster. Interest is where my teaching philosophy begins.

Yeah, technique is important, and boy am I fascinated by the fine biomechanics of piano playing. Musicianship is important, and I'm more than happy to wax lyrical of its intricacies. But at the heart of the psychology behind successful musicians- INTEREST is KING, and I aim to be king of developing and maintaining interest. And that's why I GUARANTEE that:

-If it's not what you want to learn, we don't do it.
-If it's boring, and you want to stop doing it, say the word and we do something else. Immediately.
-You want to learn a specific piece/song, we learn it...

Too difficult? No such thing, we do what it takes to get you there fast.
Sheet music doesn't exist? It does now, I'll transcribe and arrange it for you.
Don't like sheet music? No problem. We learn by ear.
Can't learn things by ear? Not true. You haven't had the right teacher.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's kick those piano goals together!

Never learnt piano before? Absolute beginner? No musical background?
I reckon I can get you playing Fur Elise (the main theme) after ONE lesson. Don't believe me? Challenge accepted.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since 2010

  • Teaches students aged 5+

From touring in bands, playing with orchestras and wedding gigs; to studio sessions, music production and recording in many styles and genres, as well as teaching in schools and academies; Matt has done it all, is still doing it, and would love to share his experience with you in exciting student centred lessons.

Matt was a multiple scholarship student in music and education (undergraduate) at the University of Queensland.

He has taught at three different schools, performed before audiences of thousands at music festivals, and produced for various artists at multiple record labels.

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