Dave L.

Dave L.


Cello Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Hello ! I have played since age 6..professional since 1972 .I studied at the Sydney`Con with alumni certificate performers/teacher Sydney University. I have been a solo cellist and principal with various orchestras in Australia and London,including Melbourne ballet and opera/solo cellist,plus played with London Symphony Orchestra and others plus recitals and concertos since the 80s *
* I have made 6 solo albums on major record labels/in release
* Teaching* I studied in London over 20 years w Christopher Bunting, a legend amongst the world`s top music academies and cellists

*I take a 1-1 approach with care and dedication to nurture each student regardless of age or genre..."unlocking" traumas (from for(a ex school bullying, personally experienced!)a..nd seek for the 'best" in every student,Bunting was a Master in applying gentle pschology in his lessons,,,
My teaching is always cheerful and positive and aimed for a happy fulfilling lesson ..

* I have had an enormous and varied career working with musicians/teachers in UK Australia and Canada
* I am devoted to my teaching and ;passing on my passion for the cello

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  • Male

  • Teaching since February 1984

  • Teaches students aged 6+

Hi, I am a cellist with a life of passion for my cello since 6 when I was a boy in Kenya...parents in music and dance ex London. Moved to Australia, I studied at Sydney Con` with then eminent cellist John Painter before joining Melbourne s` orchestra /& solo cellist Australian Ballet . In London to 2012 in London Symphony Orchestra and others plus 15 years with the world`s finest teacher for working with students on a personalised 1 to 1 level using skills of psychology to 'unlock`inner blocks in students of all ages..(for ex bully victims left in trauma.)(personal experienced)
His name...Christopher Bunting..a peer of Jacky Du Pre.

I am dedicated to each student to nurture out their best and make the journey happy and enjoyable always with care and kindness
I love beginners young and adult to every level and grade/to professional and soloist/.
I have given concerts across Australia ,Britain and Canada and have released several albums in UK and here (You Tube) (Spotify)(Apple) etc

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