Andrei E.

Andrei E.

A young, passionate and widely-skilled musician promoting music to others.

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Students can learn a variety of genres and skills, including playing for leisure, contemporary, composing their own music, classical, jazz, rock, and so many more!

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  • Male

  • Teaching since January 2012

  • Teaches students aged 3+

My name is Andrei, a recent University of New South Wales graduate in Music and Education.

I have been classically trained in the piano since the age of three, and have since moved on to music production, content creation and private teaching.
I am continually developing my skills in contemporary music genres - my interests in particular being in Hip Hop and R&B.
‚ÄčAside from piano, I also teach guitar and vocals. I am heavily involved in music production and creating musical content online.
I absolutely love infusing various genres and elements of music together through production and composition, as there are no limits!

‚ÄčI love working with people who share the same love for music as I do, and love collaborating with different schools of media to create original content.

Let me share my knowledge with you today.

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Student Feedback

cliff-ton l.

Andrei is one of the best singing teachers I've met, on the first day I met him, he was super nice, kind hearted and was most comfortable to be around from my first lesson with him even tho I arrived a little bit early, but he was still nice enough to take a lesson with me.

I asked him if he could help me with my voice and find my voice for my vocal range within any musical genre and sing any songs, he did cause I told him about my passion or dream about why I wanted to take these lesssons was to become a professional singer in the future and have a career of music and fashion from a young age I never have gotten.

I told him that in the future, I want to try to have a career goal of music and fashion combined to mix together because what I realised was that music influences fashion trends, and styles of dress can be used to express yourself and your music taste. Different genres of music often have distinct style sets associated with them, and technology has helped to evolve this connection even further.

We went over a few steps of vocal exercises and warm ups to help me harmonize my vocals so that way I would sound good.

He said that I sounded really good when he heard my voice the first time and played a couple of songs compared to the artists that I listen on Spotify and everything and he was amazed by my voice from the songs I sang to him because they were in different musical genres, styles, vocal ranges, melodies, rhythm and languages as well too, he said that loved my voice and probably want to hear more of it.

After a few sessions with him I feel like that I've learned almost a lot from him cause he said that I learned fast or quickly and sometimes able to keep up and explains things clearly and shows patience, even if I get stuck, I can count on him to encourage me and help me from support to help me get better at it.

I was happy with his communication, knowledge and teaching style and also the choice of choosing a singing teacher cause I was a hard time trying to find the best music lessons for myself to learn and make up but luckliy I've found him. I get so much from these lessons taught by him and hope to learn more from him in order to gain an opportunity in the future.


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  • Singing
  • 22/10/23
  • Teachers Studio