Edna D.

Edna D.

A passionate piano player, eager to boost students with a love of music

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

My philosophy when it comes to piano as long as you know the basics, then no piece you go to play should ever appear daunting or too difficult I would like to structure my classes based on technique building. It depends on what the student is preparing for and at what level they sit at but I would like to make sure that the basic skills (scales, dynamics, speed build up as well as basic understanding of music theory) are covered and well developed. Generally, I would imagine around a third to a half of the lesson to be spent on that, and then the other half to be spent on pieces that need to be prepared (or compositions that the student wants to learn).

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  • Female

  • Teaching since November 2018

  • Teaches students aged 5+

I have been playing the piano since I was five and I have continued to enjoy what I think is the best instrument in the world! I am super passionate about music in general and I am still an avid listener of classical music and have seen some of my favourite concertos and piano pieces live.

For a long time, I just played for the sake of playing because I genuinely enjoy it. I began sitting exams in year 8 and by year 11 of high school began preparing for my grade 7 AMEB classical piano examination. I didn't end up finishing grade 7 because of high school but I continued and still just play songs that I feel like learning. I keep to my classical roots but I also love learning piano versions of pop songs that I can sing to. I also sat the grade 3 music theory exam, passing with a distinction grade.

I've always had one-on-one teaching and I always found that the most important thing that helped me improve my technique. I think that the conditioning of fingers is crucial in developing a steady and soft hand (at least that's how I was taught). This allowed me to develop speed in my hands and sensitivity for dynamics and touch. I found that having a teacher next to me, guiding me with the likes of Hanon and Czerny to exercise this, along with specific criticisms from my teacher because they knew my style and level, really helped me to make me play even better or even faster than what I was playing. This is what I would to pass on with my students as well. Preparing and bettering their core skills in piano playing so that students can be well equipped to play anything they want afterwards and not have a fear of a piece being too hard. And most of all, to enjoy and have a love for playing such an amazing instrument!!

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