Nikhil D.

Nikhil D.

I'm a fun-loving music lover, that justs wants to teach the art of music!

Viola Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Students can expect an environment that is very supportive. I am a student as well! I understand and relate very well to students' feelings on certain situations. I like to start off with some technical work... just to get the student's mind and body working! It's a fun way to 'open up' to the actual music that will be covered in the lesson.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since January 2017

  • Teaches: Males aged 8 to 12
    Females aged 12 to 40

I started my music journey only 6 years ago! And I have achieved so much in only 6 years.

On the viola, I have played in the Queensland Youth Orchestra for three years now, and with the Young Conservatorium Symphony and String Orchestra! I have also developed a love for all the orchestral instruments... so I decided to learn a few more instruments! Now I know how to play a total of 11 instruments! That's how much I love music!

I have studied viola under the great Graham Simpson, one of the permanent violists with Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Queensland's premier music ensemble.

When teaching, I always start with some sort of technical excerise. This could include anything from scales to simply just listening and appreaciating music. Then we finish off with learning pieces.

As much as I love to joke around in lessons, I always make sure my students are always inspired to learn more!

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