Brian A.

Brian A.

I have been teaching music to children and teenagers for the last 3 years

Flute Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

My students can learn different styles of how to play the transverse flute. Students can also learn music grammar and theory, harmony, how to read music scores, how to play in a duet, jazz music, classical music, popular music, Colombian music, rhythms or receive support for what the student is learning at school.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since August 2015

  • Teaches students aged 10 to 50

I hold a Bachelor degree as a professional musician and music pedagogue. I studied at the National Pedagogy University in Colombia where I developed my skills as a professional interpreter (flute player) and music educator. I have played in jazz orchestras, Colombian music orchestras and many different ensembles specialising in jazz, funk and fusion, Latin music and Bossa Nova. I have also played in some classical music presentations. As a teacher, I can teach you grammar and theory music, harmony, transverse flute, how to read music scores, rhythms and different music styles.

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