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Mavis Y.
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Mavis Yip
Newcastle, NSW

English (School Subject) Tutoring - Teaching Style:???????????? Focus on developing self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation????Encourage Growth Mindset and create exponential value????‍????Evidence-based Teaching Program: Tailor-made lesson plans based on educational neuroscience knowledge, providing concrete methods to improve English conversation, writing, reading and listening skills. ✅Prioritise higher-order thinking, creativity, and critical thinking⭐IELTS Intensive Course ???????? Upgrade to 7+⭐???? High success rate in improving the IELTS scores of my students (normally by 1 band or more) ????Specialized in examination skills, analyze traps in listening and reading ???? IELTS Writing and Speaking Classes with updated questions for 2021, improve your flow in speaking and writing ????Apply Mock tests before the real one and provide constructive feedbacks????Improve your speaking fluency and be flexible ????It is a really substantial course that you need to be very dedicated, you will then enjoy your achievement.. P.S. ????❌Never memorize speaking or writing answers⭐Early Childhood ⭐????Jolly Phonics: Identify sound of the letter, build foundation of English learningStorytelling ????Multi-sensory and active approach, with fun actions, stories and songs????Opened question to activate children's mind, curiosity and creativity. ⭐Primary Education⭐????Broaden and understand vocabulary in context (word map), ????Fluency at grade level????Question-Answer Relationships (QAR), Draw Inferences????Analyze perspectives (i.e. first-person perspective), tone and structure of a text????Respond appropriately to text????Determine central ideas or themes of a text????Close Reading (based on Common Core Standards, accumulation of all skills)????Annotate (t-chart) understand the required steps of writing: brainstorming (using a thinkingmap), prewriting, drafting, editing, publishing⭐Public speaking course⭐????International Primary and Secondary School Interview Training????Developing academic vocabulary, structure your thought and boost self confidence????Develop critical thinking skills and express in a clear manner????Wrting: Enhance the knowledge of the 4 main genres of writing: narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasiveNow get out of your comfort zone and speak up! ???? I'm here with you.???? Ready to be assumed???? See you in the lesson. Cheers!????

Simon b.
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Simon burdett
Saint Clair, NSW

English (School Subject) Tutoring - My undergraduate degree included, two children and young adult fiction centred units. The first unit specialised in the visual medium of picture books, specifically image in relation to text or lack thereof. The second unit spanned the rich history of children and young adult’s fiction from fairy tales and their contemporary reimagining’s to the young adult’s post-modern aesthetic that blurred the lines between young adult and literary fiction. This allowed me to gain an understanding of how children read, why they read and who they read for. My first English unit in my Masters degree also focussed on image and text exploration. We learnt how to create a running record that highlighted the complexity of how children interpret texts. For example, I observed how texts can be visually understood in congruence with or contrasted by the text, as well as, observing students conceptualising meaning through abstract verbal interactions all learners engage with texts; be it internally or outwardly expressed in a community environment. I believe in letting the student’s voice dictate my pedagogy and see myself as a facilitator of understanding whereby, I scaffold students with the tools to build on this understanding instead of burying them in institutional rhetoric. These units have armed me with an arsenal of varying pedagogical literacy techniques that I can use to address the literacy concerns of the emergent and advanced learner alike.

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