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Caroline N. View Profile
Caroline N. View Profile Caroline N. Marsfield (19.4km)


From $28.50/30min
Piano Lessons Piano Lessons (Age 4 or above) & WunderKeys Piano for Preschoolers (Age 3-5)

#Piano Lessons (Age 4 or above)
Experience the Artistry: Comprehensive Piano Lessons for Aspiring Musicians

Unlock the enchanting world of music with our meticulously crafted piano course designed to cultivate a generation that not only appreciates but passionately embraces the beauty of music. Our program is dedicated to providing a holistic musical education, nurturing talent through diverse training modalities, including:

1. Performances & Students' Recitals: Elevate your musical prowess by participating in captivating performances and recitals, showcasing your evolving skills and gaining invaluable stage experience.

2. Competitions: Fuel your competitive spirit and refine your artistry through participation in prestigious competitions, challenging yourself to reach new heights in your musical journey.

3. Examinations: Validate your progress and achieve recognized milestones with our structured examination system, offering a comprehensive evaluation of your musical proficiency.

4. Master Classes: Immerse yourself in exclusive master classes conducted by seasoned maestros, gaining insights, techniques, and inspiration to refine your musical expression.

5. Instrument Lessons: Receive expert guidance in one-on-one sessions tailored to your skill level, with access to exam-standard Yamaha grand pianos for an immersive and authentic learning experience.

6. Theory Study: Deepen your understanding of music theory, enhancing your overall musicianship and laying a strong foundation for advanced musical exploration.

Our state-of-the-art facility features exam-standard Yamaha grand pianos, ensuring an optimal learning environment that aligns with the highest musical standards. Lessons are delivered in different languages, allowing students to choose between English or Cantonese or Mandarin (supplemented with English) instruction.

Embark on a transformative musical journey, where passion meets proficiency, and every note resonates with the promise of artistic excellence. Join our community of aspiring musicians, and let the harmony of your potential unfold. Enroll today for an unparalleled musical education that transcends boundaries and sets the stage for a lifetime of musical fulfillment.

#Wunderkeys TM Piano for Preschoolers (Age 3-5): A head start in music, math, and life

An encouraging first experience in music lessons is critical to your child’s enjoyment of the piano. The WunderKeys Program has been designed to be that and more! WunderKeys lessons are tailored to meet the needs of preschool-aged children and to ensure that their first music lesson experience is positive and enjoyable.

Designed as an all-encompassing piano lesson, students participate in five different unique activities during their lesson time, ensuring they remain focused, engaged and happy. Your child will develop piano and music skills that will allow for a smooth transition into mainstream piano method books. Beginners in this program start with no prior piano or music experience and finish with solid keyboard awareness, an understanding of rhythmic notation, and the ability to play simple pieces with both hands.

In addition, through this program, your child will get a head start on the math concepts they will be learning in Kindergarten. WunderKeys students finish the program with a solid understanding of patterning, sorting, grouping, classification, counting, number recognition, “more than/less than”, one-to-one correspondence and more. Not only will they be familiar with these important mathematical concepts, but their first experience with math will be one that is both enjoyable and approachable, in which they were made to feel successful.

For many students beginning the WunderKeys program, this is their first experience one-on-one with an adult other than their parents. It’s their first opportunity to be independent, to feel as though they have ownership over their own learning, and to feel pride in their individual accomplishments. The program is designed to foster feelings of confidence, self-esteem, and the joy of learning.


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From $28.50/30min
Gabriella B. View Profile
Gabriella B. View Profile Gabriella B. Northmead (15km) Recently joined From $75/45min
Piano Lessons Embark on a transformative musical journey with me as your guide! As a seasoned music educator specialising in vocal and piano instruction, I offer a unique learning experience rooted in personalised attention and a comprehensive understanding of music.

In my lessons, students can expect to master the technical nuances of vocal and piano performance, tailored to their individual aspirations. I structure lessons to blend fundamental skills with creative exploration, fostering both proficiency and artistic expression. From classical to contemporary styles, my versatile approach caters to a wide range of musical interests.

What sets my teaching apart is the passion for instilling a deep love for music alongside essential life skills. I received high distinctions in the prestigious Licentiate in Music (L.Mus) and Associate in Music (A.Mus) awards, showcasing a commitment to excellence that I share with my students. With a student-centric philosophy, I adapt to diverse learning styles, ensuring that each lesson is engaging, enjoyable, and profoundly impactful.

Choosing me as your instructor means embarking on a holistic musical journey where technical mastery meets artistic expression. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine advanced skills, I am dedicated to guiding you toward musical excellence, fostering both skill development and a lifelong love for the art.
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From $75/45min
Jennifer C. View Profile
Jennifer C. View Profile Jennifer C. Sydney (23.6km) Recently joined From $50/30min
Piano Lessons No matter what age or skill level you are now at, you can learn with creative enjoyment. With the right foundation set for correct learning, you will grow in your love and enjoyment of music that will last a lifetime.

There are several opportunities to perform and to showcase progress.

My pupils participate in several festivals, concerts and recitals throughout the year, as I am qualified as a member of the New South Wales Music Teachers’ Association (MTA), a registered teacher with the Directory of Music Teachers.

Regular recitals and workshops are held at my home studio where feedback amongst pupils is welcomed as a means to develop the “inner ear”.

The Ryde Festival of Music is a great way to enhance performance skill. Participants can enter any number of sections, popular being a performance by an Australian composer.

The Annual Concert and Awards Ceremony is a good opportunity to perform. With dates set around October, students aim for any number of awards including trophies. These are presented to pupils who’ve shown consistency and excellence during the year. This is an exciting event where pupils participate and listen to their peers.

There is also the option to complete a music theory examination: it is encouraged that each pupil undergo training in theory.

Reports are issued twice yearly with many incentives for making practise fun and rewarding.
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From $50/30min

Why Lessons Australia?

  • Love your first two lessons or your money back!
  • All background checks verified!
  • Teacher curation to ensure only quality teachers
  • Learn in-studio, in-home or online via webcam
  • Verified and trusted student reviews