Conor M.

Conor M.

Violin teacher in the western suburbs learning at the Melbourne Conservatorium

Violin Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Violin lessons should not be about playing the pieces prescribed by the teacher. I've learned from my own experience that violin lessons are about teaching the student how to become their own teacher. It's about transferring the skills that you learn inside the classroom into your own practice time so that you can expand your musical vocabulary and learn any pieces you want (within reason of course!). The reality is that learning the violin can at times be boring and frustrating, like any subject, but I believe it's the teacher's job to make the process as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

I found that when I started choosing my own pieces/songs I found that I was able to get more out of music than simply following what my teacher told me, and thus I would encourgae you/your child to do the same. While I believe that the entire teaching process should be a collaborative activity, I will encourage students to find their own voice as the progress throughout their journey.

For absolute beginners I will teach the very basics from correctly holding the violin and bow, producing a good tone, how to read music, and how to play very simple songs such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
For more intermediate students I will teach more difficult pieces, how to interpret pieces (especially in the classical style), how to execute harder passages, and how to sight read.
For the most advanced students I will work with them on ideal technique for execution of the hardest passages, collaborate on interpretation of pieces, and push the boundaries of what they can achieve.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since April 2024

  • Teaches students aged 5+

Hi, my name is Conor Magill, and I'm a third-year classical violin performance student at Melbourne Conservatorium. I began my music journey at the age of four using the Suzuki method, and have since accumulated a vast amount of experience in solo and chamber performance. I have learned from the best at not only Melbourne Conservatorium, but also Sydney Conservatorium, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and the Australian String Quartet. I am the recipient of the Corinna D'Hage Mayer String Scholarship after achieveing a First Class Honours mark in my most recent recital.

From our own experiences with learning we know that a good teacher can make all the difference in learning a difficult topic/subject, and violin is no different! I have been mentored and taught by several teachers, and I understand that teachers have an immense responsibility of nurturing the student's relationship with music. I'm happy to teach any age of student, and I highly encourage parents/guardians to attend lessons in person for students under 16, as music learning is a shared experience. Whether you're starting out as a beginner, want to bang out some pop tunes, or need help with polishing up before a recital, I'd love to guide you on your way to becoming the best musician you can be!

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