Knoa R.

Knoa R.

Want to jumpstart your guitar journey? I can help beginner-intermediate levels!

Guitar Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Whether you want to learn how to play your favourite songs or discover your own sound and write original compositions, I'll help you develop the techniques to get closer to where you want to be as a guitarist!

I have spent nearly a decade learning what I could in this phenomenal instrument, but it doesn't have to take 10 years to know what I know and do what I can do! I specialise in genres like rock, metal, contemporary, pop, progressive-rock, progressive-metal, ambient instrumental music.

We can develop skills such as: (tailored to the student)
-critical analysis
-basic theory
-scales and modes
-basic soloing
...and more!

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  • Male

  • Teaching since February 2024

  • Teaches: Males aged 20 to 22

I am an independent solo producer/composer that mainly works in my own home
studio environment. Having been playing guitar for nearly a decade, my musical inspiration
comes from an ever-expanding wide range of styles and genres such as post-rock, prog-rock,
metalcore, to ambient instrumental music. I am currently undertaking a Bachelor's degree in Composition/Music Production enthusiastic about sharing my collective knowledge to fellow passionate or upcoming guitarists.

Mostly spending my learning years self-taught, knowing it's strengths and weaknesses being one, my goal is to minimise the unproductive learning times for my students and focus on the concepts and techniques that will lead them to their desired results. It doesn't have to take a decade to know what I know!

Because of the beautiful complexity of the guitar as an instrument, it's easy to get lost on what you should truly be focusing on. Every guitarist has different goals, styles, and with it techniques, but not every single technique out there needs to be your priority, it could even distract you from learning what you actually should. I find ways to simplify the concepts and techniques into practical lessons that can be practiced and applied immediately, saving you the time of having to figure it all out by yourself. The guitar doesn't have to be complex, I can dumb it down for ya!

If you're one who:
- is picking up the guitar for the first time.
- wants to start writing your own songs.
- wants to learn to play your favourite songs.
- discover your own sound.
- is looking to refine their technique.

...I'd love to share my wisdom and experience to you! I could even learn something new from you too, let's grow together!

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