Harry I.

Harry I.

Drums are for everyone! My job is to help you get to where you want to be :)

Drums Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner

Students can expect to learn core techniques and practices, as well as how to play in any of the following styles;

Lessons will be taken at the pace that is most suitable to each student, as everyone will progress at their own rate. Lesson structure will focus on nailing key techniques, before building up into more complex subjects.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since February 2024

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 6+

Hello! I'm a musician from Brisbane, with experience in various aspects of music. I have spent time drumming in liver shows, writing songs with various groups and recording in studio settings. I truly believe everyone is capable of playing drums, whoever daunting it may seem at first; it's all down to having the drive and knowledge to move yourself forward.

Aside from the aforementioned 'lived' experience; I am also just about to complete my Bachelor of Music degree from The Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Majoring in Drum Kit). I have been given the tools necessary to understand and pass on good technique and practices with drumming, and that's what I intend to do! on top of this I have years of experience working in childcare (Prep- grade 6); so I am qualified to teach any and all ages.

Personally, I was a self-taught drummer up until I had lessons at University, so I understand and support drummers finding their own niche, their own sound, and figuring out what they really enjoy about playing drums. To me music is primarily a way to express oneself, and my philosophy for teaching is to not only pass on key techniques, but to cultivate any personal musical interests or directives.

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