Karsi G.

Karsi G.

Sing, Smile, Learn and Grow Confidence in an Encouraging Space.

Singing Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Do you Love to Sing, Dance or Act?
In these lessons, we will explore:

- Fundamentals of vocal training ( vowels, pitch, tone, breathing techniques and colour notes)
- Your favourite genres of music
- Reflect on the music each student listens to
- Learn warm-ups for safe singing and exercises for alignment, projection and dictation
- Learn about performance and stage presence
- Practice facial expressions and get creative with audience engagement.
- Skills in public speaking and growing confidence
- Professional vocal development ( gain knowledge in understanding your talent and your own artistry beyond the lesson)

Musical Theatre, Soul, R&B, Country, Pop, etc. are all styles available for each individual. To create a vocal repertoire for future auditions, gigs or just for fun.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2017

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 5+

Hey there! My Name is Karsi,

How much do you love listening to a great playlist? or watching a musical in the theatres? Or even singing along to Disney movies?

Well, look no further than the vocal lessons I provide. All you need is to give it a go, have a great imagination and give yourself the patience to achieve your performing dreams.

Learn the fundamentals of vocals and find your individuality that will solidify whatever stage you are at in your performance journey. I provide fun and innovative exercises that can be practised to reach students' goals in their vocal ability on and off the stage. My philosophy in Vocal Teaching is to approach every lesson adhering to the student's artistry, "Sing Like You!" everyone learns in different ways. I look to provide patience for all students to find their learning style in a space that encourages diversity. From a very young age, I have been performing on stage, and currently, I am studying for my bachelor's of Music... (in other words) I LOVE MUSIC! I am a passionate vocal trainer who wants her students to have fun, be themselves and feel confident in their gift. Private vocal lessons are a great tool for anyone who loves to sing in the shower, loves karaoke, or even knows most of the lyrics to Disney movies. At any stage in your vocal journey, I devise an individualistic program for you to achieve your goals, whether big or small and sing the songs you want to sing. I truly believe in not only learning how to sing but also introducing yourself to your inner performer!!!

In each lesson, I encourage students to reflect on the music they have heard recently; the techniques and exercises we learn in my lessons are for students to build on their own sound and grow their ears for a catalogue of music. We will learn about projecting vocals, audience engagement, facial expressions, vocal dictation, and translating rhythms and together, we create a vocal repertoire for auditions, gigs, etc.

So if you or your child wants to start singing, need a little help with public speaking or want to give it a go to grow confidence in everyday life ... Book a lesson with me and always remember even the greatest singers in the world had to start somewhere!! :)

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