Joshua K.

Joshua K.

"As a cello teacher, I help students discover the joy of playing!"

Cello Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

How I structure lessons is a start of with scales to get the player warmed up and depending on how well they are doing with bow technique and basic fingering then, I would introduce them to basic pieces, which will get harder as time goes by. My style is definitely looking at technique, feeling, and overall just enjoying the sound of playing. Students should learn from me because I'm able to teach them how to enjoy their cello playing and taking it to another level and if my skills aren't to your standards, feedback would be great. I've been teaching grades from preliminary to grade 6 in AMEB and if higher I'm willing to teach as well.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since July 2023

  • Teaches students aged 7 to 10

Hello! I'm Joshua Koo, a passionate cello teacher with a background in music. From my early musical exposure at 7 years old to earning my A-mus diploma, I've cultivated a deep love for the art.

My teaching style is a blend of technique and creativity. I tailor lessons to individual needs, emphasizing a strong foundation while encouraging artistic exploration. I believe in making each session enjoyable and enriching, regardless of skill level.

My personality is reflected in my patient, encouraging approach. I aim to create a collaborative and empowering learning environment, where questions are welcomed. Let's embark on a musical journey together, exploring the cello as a medium for self-expression and connection.

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