Anh Duc D.

Anh Duc D.

Hi! I'm Edward. I'm not here to simply teach, but to inspire.

Ableton Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

This lesson will be covering the basics of music production using the Digital Audio Workstation Ableton Live. The content will be adjusted accordingly to the student's wants & needs and their current level in the field of music production. Instead of plainly teaching in a boring way, as a music producer and a music learner, I always prioritize FUN and PASSION ahead of anything else, which we can be able to achieve that by producing right away and learning all the controls along the way. I believe that with this approach, students will always maintain excitement for this subject and learn how to produce music better, faster.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since January 2020

  • Teaches: Males aged 16 to 45
    Females aged 16 to 18

Hi! I am Edward and I am a professional music producer! I have 11 years of experience in playing piano and performing in concerts in Vietnam. I am currently leading a music band in Hanoi, Vietnam, and I would love to spread my passion for music to anyone who is interested in playing musical instruments, producing music, or especially playing the piano! As a person who used to study piano for a long time, I realized that teaching music is all about inspiring students, not just overwhelming them with tons of new knowledge and leave them demotivated to keep studying. I am really looking forward to teaching students who are interested or wanting to study piano. Music is all about fun right?

In the beginning lessons, the students will be taught about the notes and keys on the piano, basic music theory such as the grooves & tempo, types of notes. In addition, I will be teaching them the hand positions as well as other essential techniques to begin with. As students progress, I will prepare them a few music books that include the sheet music of songs (the difficulty will increase as they progress) so that it won't be too overwhelming. As a person who used to learn and taught piano, I think that the most essential thing for music tutors have to do is to inspire their students through melodies, not just making them study a bunch of boring stuff. I have taught 2 members of my band how to play piano and some basic music theory, and also taught them to be music producers now. My lessons are for students from unlimited age and I'd be happy to teach any students at any level!

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