Jack D.

Jack D.

Guitar & Music Theory: Classical and Beyond: OAKDEN

Guitar Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

My students are free to learn and play any music they like, but their core learning will be based upon the "Classical" (detailed below) as informed by my studies. I teach using both Tabulature and Staff Notation, but I prefer all intermediate students to learn both.

I encourage a curious and creative musical approach that involves students composing their own music.

About Classical Guitar:
I consider the term "Classical Guitar" a misnomer for both repertoire and pedagogy. Although the instrument by this name was developed within the "common practice era" to which "Classical" generally refers, the repertoire and hence playing technique of Classical Guitar extends beyond this epoch in both directions.

Some characteristic factors which distinguish Classical Guitar from most other styles of guitar include:
The use of a particular variety of guitar, strung with nylon and metal-wound nylon;
The use of counterpoint (more than one line of music played simultaneously);
The use of the fingers of the right hand rather than a plectrum;
The use of staff notation in preference over tabulature;
The stylistic tendency towards Art Music rather than Popular Music

Please note that these categories are not rigid or definite.
Transportation fees are added to the base rate depending on your location

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  • Male

  • Teaching since February 2014

  • Teaches students aged 6+

My name is Jack, and I'm a student of The Elder Conservatorium, The University of Adelaide.

I welcome English-speaking beginner-to-intermediate guitar students of all ages and backgrounds.

Your learning materials will be tailor-made and selected by me for to help you reach your musical goals.

I teach in person and offer online lessons; I am located in the North-Eastern Adelaide suburb of Oakden, 5086.

As a part time student I offer competitive pricing.

Let's make some music!

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