Zichxyna M.

Zichxyna M.

Music is my passion, but teaching is what keeps inspiring me!

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Have you been too scared as you think your too old, not musical enough, or just never had time? Our Creative Sounds Music Lessons may be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you are looking to study piano as a hobby or leisure or see where it takes you, try out a lesson with Creative Sounds Music Lessons. Our focus is on Adults and Seniors and Teens, we do take kids 6 + as well teaching from beginner to grade 6 level. For online lessons the reccomend age is 10+.

Our lessons aren’t focused on exams. Taking a new approach to learning, taking the stress out of exams is very helpful to build confidence and get you to a place where your comfortable with your playing. Teaching exams pieces is extremely useful to build techniques, learn to perform and enjoy to play but only focusing on the end goal of the exam and passing creates an unhealthy learning approach in the long run.

We teach all styles from classical, contemporary, jazz, rock, blues you name it. We specialize in improvisation techniques and composition techniques, as well as interesting creative drills rather than just boring old scales. Our drills form the foundations to your playing and it will help you ‘get’ and ‘understand’ music and music theory.

Our goal is to give you the skills to keep forever learning and improving your piano even years after lessons. If you are a beginner or have been playing a while and stuck in a rut, try out a lesson with us! Trail lesson is 50% off ! Please have a minimum mid size keyboard to learn on.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2017

  • Teaches students aged 8+

My name is Zichxyna. Although having competed and graded for many years I feel like it is irrelevant to my teaching style, and who I am as a person and musician. ​Been playing Piano since a young age, slowly picked up drums and then singing. Music is my passion, but teaching and seeing students grow is what inspires me. I've had a interesting musically journey learning the old school classical way, and eventually finding a teacher more modern and suited to me. Using my own experience I've developed a teaching style that is very free-flowing, creative, fun, interactive but also focuses on the foundations.My lessons focus on you, finding the best methods that work for you, and help build not just the technical side but your creative side. Music is a creative thing, however not always is it ‘allowed’ to be. My personal goal is to give you the foundations to play music for many years to come. Even if you take a break, stop lessons, maybe 5 years later? Not rely on memorizing repertoire that you’ll forget in a few months. But sitting at a piano and playing for fun, years later and learning to build that skill back. If you are interested in singing and piano, I also do combined lessons half and half or even together at the same time. Online I prefer to teach, 8+ with adult supervision all the way up to seniors! My teaching also uses asynchronous pedagogy which means, not all lessons are one on one, but can be back and forward teaching from videos and vice versa. If you are interested in this please ask me more. Although my preferred method is one on one lessons, with asynchronous pedagogy along side it. I look forward to enjoying teaching you and being part of your musically journey!

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