Klara Z.

Klara Z.

Convenient and fun live online music lessons with Klara!

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Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

My approach is casual while still focusing on the importance of technique, and leaning towards classical methodology. However, I am more than happy to try my best to accommodate to your needs and work on pieces of your choosing which can range from all sorts of styles and genres.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2008

  • Working with children check

  • Teaches students aged 6+

I have recently decided to do something a little different in my life and so I have sold my belongings and packed up my teaching studio to go travelling. With success in the past with previous private students, I have decided to offer online lessons to everyone!

I have completed a Bachelor of Music degree majoring in contemporary vocals, and have 6 years teaching experience with both piano and voice, and 10 years teaching violin, all to a variety of ages. My approach is casual while still focusing on the importance of technique. I tend to lean towards classical methodology for piano and violin, and specialise in The Suzuki Method. However, I am more than happy to try my best to accommodate to your needs and work on pieces of your choosing, which can range from all sorts of styles and genres.

Lessons include learning various skills and techniques such as, how to read sheet music, music theory, sight reading, aural and rhythm work, learning a strong technical foundation, improved musicianship skills, how to care for your instrument, performance skills, and an emphasis on finding your individual needs.

​You will require your own instrument, a computer, tablet or phone with webcam, a free Skype account, and reliable internet access.

Both adult learners and children are welcome.

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Beginning to learn the violin at 7 years old, Klara has been involved with music from an early age. Klara has studied up to grade 7 in The Suzuki Method for Violin, and grade 6 AMEB for Violin, she has also studied music theory at tertiary level, and began her teaching career in 2008. Also in 2008, Klara joined the Wollongong Youth Orchestra and toured Perth, France and Germany performing at central Paris, The Madeleine Church, as well as The Lorraine Theatre in Nancy, France.

Klara studied violin with Scott Taggart and composition/theory/piano with John Spence. During this time she began composing and singing her own songs and moved to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Music, majoring in contemporary vocals. She has worked with singing teachers Karen Cummings, Diana Clark and Nilusha Dassenaike.

Klara has also been a part of traditional Croatian singing and dancing. She was the Director and Conductor of the Croatian Youth Choir in Wollongong from 2007 to 2009. Since 2014 Klara has assisted the local Clifton Hill group 'Mladi Hrvati' with traditional Croatian choral, dancing, theory and instrumental lessons, as well as transcribing and arranging music for the group. Klara has been extensively involved in various world music programs having participated in Balkan choir, South Indian rhythm and voice, Balinese Gamelan, Taketina rhythm and West-African Bata drumming.

Klara’s debut album was released November 2016, and her recent Ep in December 2018.

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Student Feedback

Jagan K. (Student)

I have been learning Violin with Klara for the last eight months (four months through Skype lessons) and the experience has been nothing but fantastic. Klara is a very professional, yet friendly teacher. She is upbeat in her approach to teach the nuances and she politely answers my vague questions. The Skype lessons have been much more comfortable and effective than I expected them to be. I thought I could get away with my silly mistakes during the virtual lessons but Klara, the truly committed teacher she is, gets me all the time! She is present at every crotchet, every down bow and every time the pinky straightens up! Thank you Klara for bearing with me, especially during the long pauses and thank you for being a wonderful teacher!

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  • Violin
  • 15/01/20
  • Online

Chris P. (Student)

Have you ever considered a piano lesson on Skype via the Internet?

After my 174th piano lesson Klara decided to travel overseas indefinitely. I was facing the daunting prospect of finding another piano teacher when Klara suggested further lessons via Skype. I thought the idea novel and impractical, but decided to try this 21st Century possibility. And what a success it has been! Klara is still beside me, albeit on a screen, and I have continuity in teaching, and maintain the rapport built between us over the years.

Piano lessons via Skype—a definite possibility.

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  • Piano
  • 15/01/20
  • Online