Sanziana T.

Sanziana T.

Learning an instrument not only benefits your kids, but your pride as a parent.

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Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Beginner students can expect to learn the piano basics that will enable them to build up their piano repertoire. I begin by doing finger muscle warm-ups before jumping ahead into the more difficult piano pieces. When I believe a student is well rehearsed in their understanding of finger numbering, the notes of the piano, and basic music reading I will begin to teach separate handed pieces and then ease into two-handed pieces to build muscle memory and strength.

For intermediate to advanced students, I will continue to assist in learning more advanced pieces to further develop their skill-set. The lesson will be divided up between going over pieces of their interest and working through them and practising GUILD exercises such as scales, appreggios, ear tests, chord progressions and brief music theory revision.

My students can expect to develop their skill-set over a short period of time, and I hope I can encourage them to enjoy piano as much as myself. Through practise and commitment pianists thrive.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2016

  • Working with children check

  • Teaches: Females aged 6 to 15

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Sanziana (the name is Romanian if you're wondering) I've recently moved to Newcastle this year, but prior to the move I taught piano to two lovely students for two years and loved every minute.

I'm a bright and energetic person, and believe I have a caring and compassionate nature, which I grew to realise is very important in making students feel comfortable, connected and excited to attend lessons.

I believe Piano has given me life-long skills that not only enable me to interact with my instrument in a solo manner, but also in my role as a band member which has developed my ability to adopt higher level thinking that I believe not many other disciplines can replicate.

I got into Piano teaching when my own teacher begun to recommend me students of my own, believing I was capable enough to begin teaching.

My approach to lessons highly depends on the level of my student and what sort of approach they would like to take to their learning.

For a beginner I usually start by introducing the notes on the piano keys, (A B C D E F G), and assigning numbers to each finger ( 1 2 3 4 5). Following this process I quiz my students each lesson to commit the basics to memory so the learning process can begin.

For more advanced students, I ask them to play a piece they're well rehearsed in so I myself, can gain an idea of their skills level. My approach afterwards, is to go over GUILD exercises together including: scales, appreggios, ear tests and chord progressions (don't let these terms scare you) and corresponding this with some music theory. This will take up about 20 percent of the lesson, whilst the rest will be catered to any songs the student would like to learn, which I will assist with.

My primary teaching philosophy is the "three times" rule, which I picked up from my own teacher. Basically going over a phrase three times will help a student commit things to muscle memory and will increase their confidence with a piece.

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