Janice W.

Janice W.

Hey there! My name is Janice and I love to teach flute.

Flute Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner

Hey! My name is Janice and I am a flute teacher here at lessons Australia. I teach beginner flutist's the basics of flute like the notes, how to hold the flute properly, breathing techniques and to play simple songs. I have almost 10 years of experience in flute, 1 of which I've had experience teaching a student at home. I like to make learning flute enjoyable and educational for everyone. My lessons are based on each individual's student and what they wish to achieve. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2016

  • Teaches students aged 4 to 13

About me:
- I have had a passion for teaching, especially music from a young age.
- I've had volunteer teaching experience for nearly 2 years now at my own home, including work experience at a local primary school and teaching a young group of students the basics of music
- I've taken AMEB grades up to 6 but am capable or playing pieces of grades 8.
- Participate in NSYO orchestra
- Taken flute lessons for almost 3 years

What students can learn from me:
- I want to make learning flute as enjoyable as possible so they can not only learn something new but also fun!
- I can also teach music theory up to HSC standard, where I was ranked 4th in music HSC.
- My lessons are adapted to the student themselves. Whether they want to learn pieces, flute techniques orAMEB grades, i'm able to teach anything.
- Breathing techniques, posture, finger work and the basics of the flute will be taught

Overall, my teaching style of very flexible and fun. I look forward to helping you along your learning journey.

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