Ramona C.

Ramona C.

I am Inspiring , Motivating , Encouraging looking to teach students music

Violin Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Students will learn basic music and how to hold the violin to learning the notes and practicing music with the violin. I have taught students violin for about 3 years now and have been a big inspiration to teach how to grow and develop exceptional skills on how to play the violin in a professional and accurate manner. Different styles and lessons will be conducted to meet the students needs to perfect the instrument and become a bold and confident violinist.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since March 2016

  • Teaches: Females aged 5 to 16

I have started volunteering as a music teacher starting from March 2016. I specifically taught kids aged between 10-15 years the violin and mandolin. Everything from preliminary to learning actual music. I have taught students notes and basic music grammar as well as physically how to position and hold there instruments and have also helped teach song that are played in a orchestra based environment. I love to inspire and educate other young students who are looking to start learning an instrument , I think its very rewarding as a teacher to pass down those skills and experience I have accumulated and pass it down to other kids. I have grown up in a music family and have always been involved in playing in orchestra . I also did private lessons with AMEB till Grade 3 and starting teacher as a volunteer without being paid. I would love to have this as an actual job and assist students and teach them accurate Music to help them succeed in their musical life whether it be for school and just as an personal interest. I am very bright , bubbly , inspiring and have experience teaching kids which comes in handy as I have the patientence and capability of dealing with young kids learning music. My approach to doing lessons and teaching music was a experience to didn't expect to do as my studies don't involve music. Although is a interest that I've done for years and would love to do in reality as a job .

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