Ebony M.

Ebony M.

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Singing Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

In singing lessons I aim to teach students how to use their voices safely, alongside accessing their full potential to achieve any goals they have vocally; whether it be to learn one song at a time, learn how their voice works, work on repertoire they have been given from school or an outside source, prepare for a performance or even develop their artistry! In these lessons firstly I go through warm ups so the voice is ready to sing and do some work just like you would in a sport. These warm ups include making different sounds with your voice to engage different aspects of it, breathing and vocal exercises. Secondly, I go over different aspects of how we can develop technique/theory/musicianship, or anything else the student might be interested in. This is the part of the lesson that is very catered to them and their current needs/wants. Thirdly I apply what we have discussed in the second stage of the lesson in a song that the student wants to learn or a song that I give them that will help to develop these skills and apply them practically.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since March 2015

  • Teaches students aged 4+

My name is Ebony and I am a Singing, Piano and Music Theory teacher! For singing, I specialise in the genres of Pop, Folk, Rock, Indie, Jazz, and Rhythm & Blues. I teach Beginner to Intermediate piano, and teach up to a University level of Music Theory.

I have been playing music for my whole life with a focus on singing for 10 years. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Music to continue my music education. I have extensive performance experience in many different settings and environments, alongside song-writing experience.

As a music teacher, I firmly believe that the most important part of a lesson is to ensure that the student is enjoying what they are learning. To achieve this, I take the time to cater each lesson individually for the student, taking in factors such as age, taste in music, personality type, ability and their aspirations for music. For example, some singing students of mine purely want to learn how to sing their favourite songs, while others are also interested in learning how to sing more complex scales and gain different skills such as sight singing and advanced aural skills to prepare them for other music avenues in their lives. I also think it is highly important to keep in close contact with the parents of my students so that they can understand their child's progress and what they have been working on in the lessons with me.

As said in the tagline, due to my living situation I am unable to teach from a home studio, so I bring my lessons to your home and teach from the comfort of an environment you or your child is already used to! It is ideal if some sort of piano or keyboard is already in the home, particularly for a piano student so they are able to practise their skills, however if there isn't one I am able to bring a smaller version of a piano which we can use to accompany singing lessons as well as use to create a visual representation of some music theory!

I believe everyone is able to enjoy music and can take something valuable away from a music lesson, whether it be singing, piano, or music theory. There is nothing stopping you from filling your life with a bit of music!

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