Shani W.

Shani W.

Energetic, creative and dedicated music teacher of Piano, Guitar and Vocals

Arrangement Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

How to arrange for band, orchestra, choir using a free notation program which I teach how to use as well

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  • Female

  • Teaching since January 2010

  • Teaches: Males aged 6 to 40
    Females aged 6 to 30

Hello, Iā€™m Shani ā€“ a Music Coordinator and secondary school Music Teacher of six years. I teach piano, guitar and vocals and have a strong, generalist background teaching music theory, history and enrichment, music composition and arrangement as well as aural skills, vocal and ear training. In addition, I am accomplished at managing and conducting choirs, bands and orchestras. In my last role as Music Coordinator, I raised the profile of music in the school and succeeded in tripling the number of students in the music department. Further, I raised the profile of the school in the local community by organising several, high-profile performance opportunities for the student.

I have a passion for the artistic side of music and have often taken on additional creative projects with students such as producing and directing an original musical written and performed entirely by the students.

I myself am a singer-songwriter and have recently released my debut album ā€“ Touch of Reality ā€“ which I wrote, composed, arranged and performed.

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