Aaron C.

Aaron C.

Hello. You will definitely enjoy learning the guitar from me :)

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

- Chords
- Popular songs (US, UK, Korea, etc)
- Church music (Hillsong etc)
- Finger style
- Any songs you want to play with your guitar
- Music theory (Basic to song writing, as you need)

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  • Male

  • Teaching since October 2017

  • Teaches: Males aged 11 to 35
    Females aged 12 to 53

Hello, I am Aaron.
I have been teaching the guitar for more than a year in Brisbane.

I have taught many students in various age groups. I can teach from beginners to skilled ones.

I can play the guitar, the piano and the drums. I can also write songs. Based on my musical talent and experience, I can teach you very well to understand music. I can teach you necessary music theory to help you have comprehensive understanding of the music you will play with your guitar.

You will find how enjoyable playing the guitar is. I will do my best to help you keep your way to learn the guitar for your better life.

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