Jo L.

Jo L.

I specialise in engaging, student-led woodwind learning. Let's talk.

Saxophone Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

As an alto sax player with experience in many styles, I'm happy to take students through AMEB Saxophone and Saxophone for Leisure, play jazz charts, learn for fun or discuss repertoire interests to find what suits you. Just let me know what you want and we can work it out together!

In our lessons, we'll build from the bottom up with engaging, interesting and fun repertoire while ensuring students make a beautiful sound, learn to play musically and have the best possible technique from the first lesson with me. Your child (or you!) will become a well-rounded musician and genuinely learn to love playing the sax while achieving highly!

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  • Female

  • Teaching since November 2009

  • Teaches students aged 4+

Hi! I'm Jo, a qualified teacher (Grad. Dip Ed) and woodwind player with a Masters in performance.

My passion in life is to find what interests my students and push them to excel through a combination of:

- Using repertoire they understand and enjoy
- Demystifying technique and practice methods
- Meeting and challenging them just above their current level of ability
- Taking the time to explain clearly and concisely why and how we learn
- Engaging them with theory, aural and history knowledge directly related to their instrument and pieces

I have an outstanding student AMEB record, and my pupils continue to excel in their school programs while learning how to love, enjoy and find success in playing their instrument.

My goal is to make students feel valued in every lesson, and through this, to encourage their love of lifelong learning. I hope that your child (or you!) will give me the opportunity to help set goals and then smash them out of the park with my help!

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