Pixie T.

Pixie T.

I offer private piano lessons in the Kin Kora area of Gladstone

Classical Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

I teach students how to read and understand sheet music as well as correct piano playing technique.

CHILDREN: I do not offer the preschool music time version of music - I teach the real deal.
I teach children from six years of age IF they are ready. They need a piano or keyboard to practise on at home, need to be able to read, count, understand the notion of time, and sit still, listen and carry out instruction. Daily practise at home between lessons is crucial - otherwise progress will be slow.
A keen interest in music is a must! Some children are ready at six, most are not, so it really depends on the development of your child.
Children's lessons are a half hour long and cost $25 each.

ADULTS: I teach adults of any age, beginners and those who have had lessons before.
You are welcome to bring any music books you already have.
If you are new to piano I prefer to use the John Thompson Piano Course books which are kept in stock for me at Guitar Exchange music shop in Morayfield. They cost around $15.
Adult lessons are 45 minutes in length and cost $35 each session.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since 2001

  • Teaches students aged 12 to 99

I have played piano ever since I was a small child.
Studied Music (piano and voice) and Theatre overseas.
I have been accompanist and choir director of chiors and congregations in churches,
and provided music at weddings and funerals for thirty years.
I have participated in various stage shows and films in acting, and musical director roles.
Have been in Queensland for the last 14 years.
I teach in my home on weekday afternoons.
Students will learn about usic theory, sight reading music, and proper piano technique.
I teach mainly teens and adults, but am willing to take younger children if they show the necessary development - ability to read, count, follow instruction, and show an interest in music are musts.

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