Joshua G.

Joshua G.

Hello! I'm a uni student with a passion for music, teaching piano and trumpet.

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

My teaching ability would be suitable for absolute beginners to early intermediates (i.e. primary school level to early high school).
For piano, it is key to start by introducing beginners to the foundations of sound technique (e.g. finger shaping) as well as the importance of tone that is developed in accordance with touch. With these foundations, students will be well placed to move onto playing songs.
While I certainly believe in introducing students to their instrument and relevant techniques, my teacher instilled in me the understanding that I (the student) was the craftsman and artist of my instrument and he was simply a guide to help me along the way. Therefore, each students musical journey should be unique, and my goal as a teacher is to accelerate their progression to wherever they wish to go with their instrument, whether it be classical, jazz, or to develop and all-round technique that lends itself to any style.
A typical lesson structure for a beginner- intermediate would generally involve a 10-20 minute block of technical work (depending on the student) based on scales, chord progressions etc., with the remainder devoted to applying this technical skill to pieces (also with relevant theory if the student wishes). I believe that no matter what the students level, I as the teacher have the responsibility to ensure students enjoy a positive relationship with their instrument, so that their practice is not a chore but rather becomes a favourite activity.

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  • Male

  • Teaching since January 2018

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 8 to 80

I first began learning piano at the age of 5, and trumpet at the age of 10. I completed AMEB Grade 7 for both of these instruments before finishing Grade 12 (with the relevant music theory completed as well). Throughout high school, I was the lead trumpet at Redeemer Lutheran College and gained platinum awards with the concert and stage bands, and participated as lead trumpet in the orchestra for musicals. Having experienced a great variety of classical, romantic and contemporary styles of music throughout my playing career, I've gained an appreciation for all styles of music and encourage other students of music to explore all.
As an example of this, I am currently studying and playing jazz based on chordal progressions; you never stop progressing on your musical journey.
Having had excellent teachers for piano and trumpet in my primary and high school years, I am fully aware of the value of teaching with enthusiasm for students of all ages and skills. Imparting knowledge to develop sound fundamentals of playing technique is important, in order to service the greater goal of providing enjoyment through the creation of music. A successful student-teacher relationship will bear such qualities in the student, and thus my aim in musical teaching is to ensure that my students come to value music not as a chore, but as a means by which to create something beautiful that can be enjoyed by both them, their friends and their family.
My experience in teaching music is limited to the school environment with fellow band members, but my exposure has been broad and I have had experience in coaching sporting teams as well. I am well equipped to provide affordable teaching to students up to around AMEB Grade 4/5 level, and take my teaching duty with accountability to ensure my student's
musical experiences are of the highest quality.
'Music is the tool to express life- and all that makes a difference'- Herbie Hancock, legendary jazz pianist
I look forward to joining you on your musical journey!

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