Henry P.

Henry P.

Your friendly neighbourhood Violist

Cello Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner

Lessons are structured in blocks of:

1 - Introduction to a topic - Explanation, Q & A and I find a way (suiting your learning style) that you are going to most effectively learn the topic. Each element of the topic is categorised and you get a lesson plan and the lesson results for you to later look over while practising!

2 - Repetition - We go through the topic and elements until you are able to confidently reproduce.

3 - Analysis - You explain to me how you understand what you have just learnt and demonstrate, I'll add in anything that needs to be added!

Example of a topic - Bow Control:

1 - Introduction - I will explain and demonstrate the hows and whys and define what bow control is and how you achieve it. You'll get some history so you better understand why we are doing this and why I am assigning you a particular associated exercise.

2 - Repetition - We work our way through the associated exercise, perhaps trying variations to see if we achieve a better outcome.

3 - Analysis - Once reproduction is upon demand we can take a step back and talk about what you just learned in your words!

I teach up to 4th grade AMEB/Suzuki 3 for the cello. Once you are ready to move on up we find you a great teacher to take you the rest of the way!

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  • Male

  • Teaching since 2007

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches: Males aged 8+

Hi all.

I teach Viola, Violin and musicianship to 8th grade AMEB and beyond! Piano and cello to 4th grade AMEB.
My approach to teaching is finding a system that best suits the student and then chipping away consistently to produce results!

I have extensive repertoire knowledge for solo and group works and can pass on my extensive orchestral experience of 16+ years, time spent in the SYO, SBSYO, Sydney Symphony Symphonia, etc.

My formal training is performance at a distinction average from the University of New South Wales.

I teach all ages and and all backgrounds.

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