Fiona L.

Fiona L.

I’m a string and theory specialist who is able to teach from my home or in yours

Double Bass Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Lessons are structured around how quickly the student understands concepts. In a 30 minute lesson, the first 5 minutes are tuning and warm-ups. For the next 10 minutes we review what was learnt during the previous lesson, fixing or going over things that weren't completely comprehended. The next 10 minutes is spent on new pieces/notes/fingering/positions/structure - depending on how long the student has been learning, and where they are within the book. The final 5 minutes is going over any new theory, talking about what was learnt today, and then getting the student to explain to me what they need to practise. I do this to ensure that they comprehend what has been written down for them to do.

I start students on The Essential Elements books, or on sheets I have designed if they are 4 years old or under. I also incorporate songs that they wish to be able to play on their instrument along the way.

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  • Female

  • Teaching since 1996

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches: Males aged 6 to 60
    Females aged 3 to 89

I have been playing a stringed instrument for nearly 3 decades, and have tried my hand at many of the instruments in other families for fun. Music is something that I need in my life, as it allows me to portray and communicate my emotions, thoughts, and dreams.

This ability is something I try very hard to pass on to my students. I believe in making lessons and learning fun, informative, and as goal orientated as the family and student wish. Through my studies and years of teaching, I have worked a lot with students that are on the spectrum - whether diagnosed or not - and love helping them find their 'voice' through music.

I believe in students being well-rounded in their music knowledge, so lessons always include some form of music theory, whether that is formal AMEB, or sheets that I have designed for them. For a lot of students, when that understanding of how music is written, and why it is written as it is, they all of a sudden get it - whether it is a complex rhythm pattern, or new notes that are in positions they never thought possible on their instrument.

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