Courtney D.

Courtney D.

Creative Piano Lessons for Kids

Piano Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Has your child written a song on piano? Piano lessons with the right teacher can boost your child's confidence and give them a love of their instrument that will last the test of time.

I teach piano in a way that resonates with the personality of your child. They will learn music they can relate to. They will learn to overcome challenges. Concepts are taught through explanations they can clearly understand.

From the very beginning, my students are taught to compose music and take ownership of their own musical creativity. You can smile knowing you're with a teacher who totally understands kids. These piano lessons are conveniently held in your own home!

Children from the age of 3 can enjoy the benefits of private piano lessons. My creative, fun teaching style means even the youngest of children will be left feeling fulfilled and in love with their new music lessons.

Book today and join in the fun!

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  • Female

  • Teaching since 2010

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 3 to 17

As science says, learning a musical instrument greatly accelerates your child's brain development and benefits almost every aspect of their life!

It's a big decision, choosing the right music teacher for your child. You want them to learn a lot and reap the extraordinary benefits that learning an instrument can provide, yet you understand how important it is that your child enjoys their experience in lessons too. A child that loves attending and participating in music classes will develop a lifelong passion for their instrument!

I thrive on building incredibly positive experiences for young musicians. My students absolutely love lessons and build so much confidence through developing their own inner creativity. I'm experienced with children of all ages and love sharing music education with them!

Kids of all ages can learn piano. Even preschoolers!

Enrol your child in piano lessons today, and give them a priceless gift for life.

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