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Maddilyn G.

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Hi there! ​I'm a musician from Queensland, Australia. As a classically trained flautist and piccoloist, I explore the application of tried-and-tested performance methods, yoga, jazz, and performance psychology strategies in my teaching and own performance. In 2017 I graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp in Belgium where I was awarded a Master of flute performance with high distinction under the tutelage of Aldo Baerten and a Master of piccolo performance with high distinction under the tutelage of Peter Verhoyen. I have studied in three states in Australia, have four performance-based degrees, and am exceptionally passionate about teaching in a mindful and flexible way.

I offer lessons on flute and piccolo, teaching basic theory to beginners and providing aural training to all my students. I am happy teaching complete beginners to advanced players of all ages! Ultimately I structure lessons based on a student's individual needs.

I'm all about setting up students for injury-free futures, so I implement postural awareness and development techniques in my class. Musicians benefit immeasurably from having good ears, so once my students have a great foundation set up with their flute playing, each lesson also includes specific aural training, and I set up options for continuing this learning at home. I address a wide scope of performance practices and techniques to encourage a well-rounded and confident musician with an emphasis on building and maintaining a healthy mind and body between all those notes.

Piccolo lessons are appropriate for high school or conservatory students who play flute regularly and wish to improve their fundamentals on the instrument. I can help you prepare for upcoming auditions, orchestral/band performances, or help you build up a solo repertoire. We will study the remarkable differences in tonal quality and intonation on the instrument and discover how the fundamentals of flute playing can both help and hinder your piccolo playing.

It's important that you're familiar with your child's (or your own) teacher - that you get along and share similar values. I'd love to hear about your expectations, offer some suggestions, and if you're currently an advanced player, learn what your immediate and future goals are! Let's work together to build your ideal musical future.

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