Liam B.

Liam B.

Bachelor of Contemporary Music, 20 years playing guitar / 12 years teaching.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate

Learn the songs YOU want to learn! Musical aspects covered consist of:

* Theory
* Reading Tablature / Sheet Music
* Reading Chord Charts
* Reading Rhythms
* Picking / Strumming Techniques

Styles Taught: Rock, Funk, Metal, Blues, Modern/Contemporary, Classical/Fingerpicking, Unconventional Techniques (Tapping, Open Tunings, Thumping Harmonics, Artificial Harmonics etc).

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  • Male

  • Teaching since 2005

  • Teaches special needs

  • Teaches students aged 6+

Have you wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but have been too confused by the theory or chord shapes to play the songs you want? I can help you achieve your musical dreams!

Although exploring new, unconventional guitar methods, Liam also tutors more traditional techniques such as how to read guitar tablature, chord charts, rhythm notation, the musical stave, how to tune by ear, general guitar maintenance (like how to change your strings), and more.

Liam has been playing guitar, composing, and performing for twenty years, and has a Diploma of Contemporary Music (he's also currently completing a Bachelor of Contemporary Music). He has tutored for the past ten years throughout various schools and music institutions, as well as privately. Liam plays a variety of steel-string acoustic guitars, as well as an electric guitar with the use of amplifiers and FX pedals. Liam applies unusual techniques to his own compositions such as two handed tapping, thumping harmonics, neck bending and alternate tunings to name a few. He prefers to find his students music that they enjoy listening to and learning about, which in turn creates more motivation and a thirst for knowledge.

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